Center for Legal Cannabis

Legal Cannabis Week #4

Week in review

A memorial for Ric Smith is planned for tomorrow, December 29 from 3-11 p.m. at ACC Tech, 8305 Dallas Ave S.

Charges were dropped against Vancouver driver Scotty Rowles, who admitted to smoking pot before being involved in a fatality accident.

Over or under the 5ng limit, prosecutors have always been able to convict pot-positive drivers, as evinced by the 16-year sentence handed to Edward Hill six years ago after a 1.6ng reading.

Everett effectively zoned medical cannabis collective gardens out of town.

The comment period ended for Monroe's revised ban on medical cannabis collective gardens. The legislation also sets zoning requirements for future, state-licensed cannabis businesses.

Kennewick effectively banned medical cannabis collective gardens, saying it prefers federal to state law.

Canna Law Group is in the news, and not just because they bought Google ads on every pot-related article. Washington State Wire reports the law firm created a trade organization called "The Cannabis Business Group" and hired lobbyists Becky Bogard and Carrie Tellefson. According to the PDC, Tellefson represents a pharmaceutical company and Bogard represents several corporate interests including American Express, Corrections Corp of America, General Motors, Medtronic, Oracle, Proctor and Gamble and the Washington State Convention Center. Canna Law Group has a good blog post on the municipal medical cannabis bans passing left and right these days.

In case you are curious about what municipalities are hearing about I-502, see the I-502 FAQ from the Association of Washington Cities.

Brionne Corbray, former owner of the G.A.M.E. Collective, was sentenced in federal court to one year probation and a $25,000 fine. Seattle Cannabis Co-Op owners Craig Diefenbach and Jing Mo are to be sentenced on January 9.

Jamen Shively, the ex-Microsoftie who last month announced his intent to open a line of "premium" marijuana stores, told FOX Business News that legal pot stores are a $200 billion dollar industry and "we're the only company out there."

Center updates

Q13 Fox News ran a story last night about our zoning map work. Put on your Where's Waldo glasses and you might notice John Davis from Northwest Patient Resource Center making an appearance. How does that guy make it into every news story?

The Seattle Weekly printed a nice piece last week way up in the front about our I-502 map.

We mapped the City of Everett's new cannabis zoning rules, but it's not quite done yet. The process of producing this particular map was different than our previous maps, and presented challenges at many steps. We will release the map next week; interested media are encouraged to contact us at 206-335-9214.

Monetizing our content and labor has been a challenge. Google twice refused us for its Adsense program, algorithmically claiming that we promote illicit drugs, not zoning research. After nearly two months, Paypal finally removed their hold on our account. Frustration with Google Maps led us to fall in love with CartoDB, which may allow us to provide more feature-rich maps to paid subscribers. Better late than never, once we have the infrastructure to accept money, expect us to request financial support for this valuable work.

Sean Cecil, Attorney Canna Law Group