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Legal Cannabis Week #16

State picks pot advisor

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, stoned and uncertain how to spell "analysis," announced an apparent victor in the battle to be the state's official cannabis consultant. BOTEC Analysis is a fusion of mostly-Californian heavies in drug policy academia and the medical cannabis business world. Led by Dr. Mark Kleiman from UCLA, the team includes around 30 named people, half of them on an advisory panel.

The AP broke the news. The Seattle Times joined the fray and The Daily Beast focused more personal than the rest. Being called out for opposing Prop 19 in 2010, Kleiman felt compelled to blog an explanatory response.

The extended public comment period for producer rules ends on an indeterminate date likely in April. Processor rulemaking was scheduled to start this month.

Me(dia) requests

This week in The Stranger, I investigate legal pot "Tokies" moving to Washington State.

Pot Entrepreneurs Rush to Washington State
Mar 20 | The Stranger

INTERVIEW REQUEST: I'm looking for banking professionals willing to talk about the challenges facing the cannabis industry for a piece in the Stranger's annual pot pullout. Please contact me at 206-335-9214 or at with any leads. I'd also love to hear any tips, articles ideas, business news, gossip, etc.

I'M A DOPE: Starting with next month's 420 issue, I will be penning some pot prose for the dopey dopes at DOPE Magazine. I hope to convince them to go "scratch-and-sniff" by year's end.

Legislative weed watch

The cutoff for bills to be heard in their house of origin was March 13. Revenue-positive bills (called NTIB for necessary to implement budget) can move forward regardless, but Rep. Chris Hurst's attempts to increase pot license fees and generally screw with the I-502 implementation timeline lack the necessary legislative legs.

HB 1723 | I-502 general funds to early learning

  • MAR 27: Cleared House (59-38-1). Scheduled for executive session in Senate Early Learning Mar 27 @ 1:30pm.

HB 1808 | Walmart may dispose found pot

  • MAR 27: Cleared House (97-0-1). Public hearing scheduled in Senate Health Care Mar 27 @ 5:30pm.

SB 5437 | Cannabis boating DUI

  • MAR 26: Cleared Senate (47-0-2). Scheduled for executive session in House Public Safety Mar 26 @ 8am.

SB 5279 | No pot for food stamps

  • MAR 26: Cleared Senate (39-10). Scheduled for public hearing in House Human Services Mar 26 @ 1:30pm.

SB 5010 | No pot on probation

  • MAR 13: Cleared Senate (49-0). Referred to House Public Safety.

Week in review

The Seattle Times interviewed WSLCB head Sharon Foster and featured I-502 implementation chief Randy Simmons.

Colorado's stringent medical cannabis regulations might workfor Oregon.

Attorney General Eric Holder still hasn't responded to legalization.

Seattle Times editors chided our state's congressional delegation for being AWOL on legal pot.

The Port of Willipa Harbor leased space to a prospective producer led by Seattle restauranteur Marcus Charles.

The United States Army banned hemp vodka.

Canadians might forget to jettison their legal cannabis before hitting the federal border.

Michael Momany experienced trouble renting boats for his cannabis tourism dreams, partly because the Coast Guard has authority over most every boat on the water.

St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor called police to arrest Matthew Zimmerman when they smelled his bit of weed, and later apologized for the dickish move.

Crimestoppers UK distributed thousands of scratch-and-sniff pot cards—hear that DOPE Magazine?—to teach people what the future smells like. They have yet to respond to my request to purchase these cards. My next step is Craigslist London.

The National Park Service reminded us that ganja ain't legal in federal parks. As if hikers paid attention to that before.

Some drug-sniffing dogs unlearn their pot training.

Medical marijuana entrepreneurs Dante Jones from Green Ambrosia, Derrick Ming from Humanity Collective, and Lisa Dank from North Seattle Medical Collective predict the feds will crush medical marijuana after I-502 is implemented.

Cannabis hero Alison Holcomb defended I-502 from the wolf in sheep's clothing that is everything Rep. Chris Hurst proposes about pot.

Rep. Reuven Carlyle worries there is a "wide gap" between revenue forecasts and what the legislature could score from legal weed.

Rep. Jeff Morris testified on his bill to tax marijuana trademarks, patents and copyrights.

Americans for Safe Access petitioned for a review of their rescheduling appeal.

Sean Cecil, Attorney Canna Law Group