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Legal Cannabis Week #15

Rulemaking update

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board held its final public hearing in Bremerton. The Kitsap Sun covered it.

WSLCB intends to hold no more public hearings, a change from their original plan to hold hearings for each of the three rulemaking processes. The main reasoning for the change was that the Cannabis Board received a large amount of input on all aspects of the industry, not just on producer licenses.

The Cannabis Board extended the public comment period for producer rules to an indeterminate date—whenever they file draft rule language, originally slated for some time in April.

They are still reviewing the 98 qualified applications for the pot consultant gig. Processor rulemaking was originally scheduled to start this month.

Out-of-staters wanted for Stranger article

This week in the Stranger, I talked with a local biofuel company that hopes to convince legal pot growers to turn over their dregs to make aviation biofuel.

Ganja Garbage May Become Jet Fuel
MAR 13 | The Stranger

INTERVIEW REQUEST: I am looking for out-of-state entrepreneurs who intend to move to Washington State to get involved in the legal cannabis market. If you know anyone, please have them contact me at 206-335-9214 or

Legislative weed watch

The cutoff for bills to be heard in their house of origin was Wednesday, March 13 (unless, generally speaking, they are "necessary to implement budget"). All positive cannabis bills—including JKW's medical cannabis arrest protection proposal—are dead. Many bad bills are sailing forward. On the good side, the next two months will allow us to see if any of the 8 or so paid cannabis lobbyists can stop bad legislation. See my lobby page for an updated list.


SB 5437 | Cannabis boating DUI

  • MAR 21: Cleared Senate (47-0-2). House Public Safety holds hearing Mar 21 @ 10am.

HB 2000 | NTIB: Increase cannabis license fees

  • MAR 19: House Government Accountability holds public hearing Mar 19 @ 1:30pm

SB 5279 | No pot for food stamps

  • MAR 14: Cleared Senate (39-10). Referred to House Human Services.

SB 5010 | No pot on probation

  • MAR 13: Cleared Senate (49-0). Referred to House Public Safety.

Inert material

HB 1723 | I-502 general funds to early learning

  • MAR 15: Cleared House (59-38-1). Senate Early Learning held public hearing.

HB 1808 | Walmart may dispose found pot

  • MAR 12: Cleared House (97-0-1). Referred to Senate Health Care.

Week in review

The state House of Representatives passed a bill to re-allocate I-502 general funds to early childhood education.

Some former DEA heads who recently demanded the feds intervene in Washington and Colorado profit from the drug testing industry.

Banks still refuse to do business with pot sellers, with no solution in sight.

One unnamed person was murdered and another injured at a pot-grow robbery in Sea-Tac.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes spoke to the Copenhagen City Council, which wants to legalize pot and maybe import it from Washington and Colorado.

Several public health organizations signed a letter to the WSCLB suggesting strict advertising restrictions for pot.

Representative Chris Hurst introduced a bill to increase cannabis license fees.

Forbes Magazine wonders whether pot entrepreneurs will be able to deal with Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code.

Colorado's pot rule task force presented proposed regulations to their legislature.

Centralia mom Rachelle Braaten plead not guilty to one charge of delivering a controlled substance to a minor, after the internet blew up with cell phone video of her 2-year-old mouthing a bong.

Washington teens forego tobacco in favor of pot.

The wonderful activists at Thurston County NORML will host a fundraiser at Frankie's pot-tolerant bar in Olympia on March 23.

Sean Cecil, Attorney Canna Law Group