Center for Legal Cannabis

Legal Cannabis Week #14

Last rulemaking forum tonight

Tonight our cannabis board holds its final rulemaking forum at the Kitsap Conference Center from 6 p.m. at the Bremerton ferry terminal. If you ain't yet opined on the powered mic, speak now and forever hold your piece. Ferries depart downtown Seattle at 4:20 and 5:35 for a beautiful hour-long crossing to America's single largest nuclear warhead and submarine stockpile. Return boats sail at 9:35 or 11:40 p.m.

WSLCB announced this week that they will need more time to review applications for the state's pot consultant gig. News reports indicate that of 112 applications filed, 98 met the minimum requirements.

Producer rules comment deadline is March 15 — the ides of March — with the rules being filed next month. Processor and retailer rulemaking starts this month.

Let cops use pot, petition asks

This week in The Stranger, I contend that if our police are to represent our people, they should be allowed to smoke pot. With the mayor's office and the police passing the buck on the issue, I started an online petition at, commenced a poster campaign, and sent postcards to every department at city hall and most local media outlets.

I strongly believe Seattle is losing out on qualified cops by disallowing stoners the honor of serving. I also think pot will make for way mellower police. If you agree, please sign the petition to Mayor McGinn and Chief Diaz to let cops to use pot.

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Legislative weed watch


HB 1661 | Expunge misdeameanor convictions

  • MAR 1: Passed to House Rules.

SB 5528 | Medical cannabis

  • FEB 27: Sent to Senate floor.

HB 1888 | Industrial hemp

  • FEB 22: Referred to House Appropriations.

SJM 8000 | Federal rescheduling request

  • FEB 19: Cleared step 1 of 2 in Senate Rules.


SB 5437 | Cannabis boating DUI

  • MAR 5: Sent to Senate floor.

HB 1876 | Deputize cannabis officers

  • FEB 25: House Appropriations heard public testimony.

HB 1482 | Zero tolerance for commercial drivers

  • FEB 19: Passed to House Rules.

SB 5279 | No pot for food stamps

  • FEB 7: Passed to Senate Rules.

SB 5010 | No pot on probation

  • JAN 31: Passed to Senate Rules.

Inert material

HB 1808 | Walmart may dispose found pot

  • MAR 5: Sent to Senate floor.

HB 1597 | Technical pot law fixes

  • FEB 14: Passed to House Rules.

Week in review

Tacoma police were ordered to return 40 grams of pot to designated provider Joseph Robertson.

Cannabis crusader Adam Assenberg is running for Whitman County Sheriff.

County jails intend to steal legal marijuana from our citizens and blame the feds.

United Nations narco-warriors warned us that regulating pot violates international treaties.

American narco-warrior has-beens demanded that the feds intervene on legal pot.

Seattle police uprooted 40 public park pot plants, but assured our people that they are investigating no further because it is a "low, low, low priority." That's I-75 to the third power.

Municipal Research Services Center discussed legal cannabis zoning.

Pot newbies hope to get in on the legal pot action, too.

Reason TV published a video discussion about legal pot implementation challenges.

Attorney General Eric Holder said more nothing on when we can expect a federal response to legal pot.

Linkless news

You're just gonna have to trust me on these bits:

Former state legislative aide and medical cannabis activist Kari Boiter received the 2013 Patient Advocate Award at the recent Americans for Safe Access National Unity Conference. Big up and much respect, Kari.

CARE Wellness Center owner Greta Carter resigned as the Executive Director of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, a medical cannabis trade group she founded in 2011. Kudos to Greta for creating a positive, respectful space in the cannabis community.

Completing a four week trial run at The Stranger, yours truly Ben Livingston will continue to ink indica-infused info into the alternative rag of record. Super happy, I'm giddy as a pair of jazz hands.

Sean Cecil, Attorney Canna Law Group