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Legal Cannabis Week #13

State rulemaking update

Last night the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board held in Yakima it's seventh public forum. The Seattle Times reported on it and the Yakima Herald posted a photo gallery.

Next Tuesday, March 5, the board will announce the apparent successful bidder for Washington State's pot consultant gig. Over 100 applications were filed.

Next Thursday, March 7, the board will hold its final rulemaking public forum at the Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton.

Producer rules comment deadline was extended through Friday, March 15. Processor and retailer rulemaking starts in March. Draft producer rules will be filed in April. The legal pot train hurtles forward. Choo, choo!

A.G. Holder mumbles on pot

At a meeting of state attorneys general on Tuesday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was asked by Colorado's A.G. when they can expect an answer on the whole legal pot by citizen vote thing. Politico reports that Holder responded thus:

"We’re still in the process of reviewing both of the initiatives that were passed. I would say, and I mean this, that you’ll hear soon. We are, I think, in our last stages of that review, and are trying to make a determination as to what the policy ramifications are going to be, what our international obligations are. There are a whole variety of things that go into this determination. But the people in [Colorado] and Washington deserve that answer and we will have that, as I said, relatively soon."

Read my thoughts on Holder's statement over at Slog.

Sponsor my web site

Google has thrice refused me entry to its Adsense program, saying I promote illegal drugs. George Wright from OpenX told me the company "does not currently buy ads from cannabis related web sites."

It seems the only advertising network that will allow my pot zoning web site is an outfit called 420Click, whose initial "public service ads" showed half-naked women saying "Start A Legal Dispensary!" As it turns out, my web site advertising is not a place I want to see half-naked weed women.

The experience has been frustrating, all in all. And so I'm offering my two advertising squares to the highest — and perhaps the lowest —, bidders. Offer me $40, or more or less, and the month of March is yours.

Legislative weed watch

Last Friday was the theoretical cutoff date for bills to clear their first policy committee. Eleven pot-related bills made the cut, and two more can be brought back as "necessary to implement budget." Check the useful lobby page for updated info.

Moved forward this week are JKW's medical cannabis bill, marijuana misdemeanor expungement, cannabis boating DUI, and deputized cannabis enforcement officers.


HB 1661 | Expunge misdeameanor convictions

  • MAR 1: Passed to House Rules for second reading.

SB 5528 | Medical cannabis

  • FEB 27: Sent to Senate floor for second reading.

HB 1888 | Industrial hemp

  • FEB 22: Referred to House Appropriations.

SJM 8000 | Federal rescheduling request

  • FEB 19: Cleared step 1 of 2 in Senate Rules.


SB 5437 | Cannabis boating DUI

  • FEB 27: Cleared step 1 of 2 in Senate Rules.

HB 1876 | Deputize cannabis officers

  • FEB 25: House Appropriations heard public testimony.

HB 1482 | Zero tolerance for commercial drivers

  • FEB 19: Passed to House Rules for second reading.

SB 5279 | No pot for food stamps

  • FEB 7: Passed to Senate Rules for second reading.

SB 5010 | No pot on probation

  • JAN 31: Passed to Senate Rules for second reading.

Inert material

HB 1808 | Walmart may dispose found pot

  • FEB 14: Passed to House Rules for second reading.

HB 1597 | Technical pot law fixes

  • FEB 14: Passed to House Rules for second reading.

Week in review

The United States Army detonated a hash oil tube in Yakima.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board heard from stakeholders in Tacoma.

Dennis Whited and Jerry Laberdee from Medical Herb Providers were sentenced in Spokane federal court to 5-6 months.

The Denver Post taught readers how to grow their own pot.

The Tacoma News Tribune editorialized in favor of fewer and larger licensed producers.

TIME Magazine wondered whether cannabis taxes will encourage black markets.

Cannabis education learns 'em and earns 'em for some entrepreneurs.

Pritchard Garrett and two Colorado cohorts were arrested by police for running a pot for donations service that violated the state's one-ounce limit.

The Idaho Senate rejected a call for federal intervention in Washington State.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer and Rep. Sam Farr sponsored federal legislation to force the feds to respect state medical cannabis laws.

The Spokane City Council enacted a six-month moratorium on medical cannabis businesses.

WSLCB Administrative Director Pat Kohler spoke to KUOW radio.

Kent Police arrested Mike Simmons for a pot DUI, claiming his tongue had a green film.

Sean Cecil, Attorney Canna Law Group