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May 24 | Chat rewind: Experts talk about marijuana legalization

Times reporter Bob Young and a trio of marijuana experts held a live chat on Friday. State Liquor Control Board Deputy Director Rick Garza, ACLU of Washington drug-policy director Alison Holcomb, and dispensary owner John Davis all answered questions on marijuana legalization. Read their comments below.

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May 22 | State Considers Banning Hash

Last week, the Washington State Liquor Control Board released draft regulations for the legal cannabis market enacted by voters. The 46-page document specifies the qualification process for potential pot entrepreneurs—including fingerprints that will be sent to the FBI—requirements for growing and selling marijuana, and many rules about license objections, violations, and suspensions. Potential licensees will have a one-month window to apply, and if more retailers apply than the liquor board intends to license, they will conduct a pot-store lottery.

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May 17 | Pot rules taking shape; public gets a taste of what’s ahead

State officials released proposed rules for a legal seed-to-store marijuana system that would allow adults to buy an ounce of tested, labeled pot seven days a week. But the draft rules are likely to be refined in weeks to come.

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May 17 | Lottery For Pot Retailers Draws Criticism

A random drawing: That’s how the Washington State Liquor Control Board proposes choosing applicants for marijuana retail licenses. And it’s drawing major criticism from existing medical marijuana providers.

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May 16 | Black Market Elimination Fail: Draft Pot Rules Call for Ban on Hash and Hash Oil

I just puffed my last bit of hash oil, which is, coincidentally, a supply I won't be able to replenish at a legal pot store if the Washington State Liquor Control Board has its way. This morning the liquor board posted these draft rules for implementing Initiative 502, the cannabis legalization initiative passed by voters last fall. And the big shocker: The draft rules call for a ban on retail sales of hash, hash oil, and other concentrates.

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May 16 | What’s a legal weed industry look like? After 8 months, Wash. state releases draft rules

SEATTLE — Officials in Washington state took their first stab at setting rules for the state’s new marijuana industry Thursday, nearly eight months after voters here legalized pot for adults.

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May 16 | Proposed ban on hash, pot extract irks critics

Washington’s proposed marijuana rules weren't even 24-hours old when critics began finding things not to like. The 46-pages of draft regulations released Thursday cover everything from where marijuana can be grown to the criminal backgrounds of license applicants. But it’s the section on marijuana concentrates that’s getting some negative buzz.

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May 16 | Five things you should know about the proposed marijuana rules

The state Liquor Control Board on Thursday released a draft of rules proposed to help regulate legal marijuana. The 46-page document is filled with details relevant to those who plan to apply for a pot license.

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May 14 | Liquor Control Board appoints Rick Garza as Agency Director

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) today announced that it had unanimously chosen Rick Garza to serve as its next agency director. The agency director leads the day-to-day operations of the agency.

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May 01 | How Should Legal Pot Be Labeled?

What do consumers know about the pot they are smoking? When people acquire medical cannabis products these days, the answer is usually very little. But with the advent of legal pot for recreational purposes, that is set to change. Under Initiative 502, the state liquor board must create rules for pot-product labeling by this December.

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