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Aug 24 | Varied cast lines up for pot permits

The Bay State’s prospective pot peddlers include doctors, lawyers, former Beacon Hill lawmakers and the owner of a hemp clothing boutique — just some of the 181 applicants feverishly competing to open the newly legal dispensaries in what experts predict will be a $1 billion industry.

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Aug 24 | It’s just like “Breaking Bad” — not easy dealing pot legally in Orange County

Yoga Girl has just woken up from a nap.

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Aug 23 | Rx pot may not be legal before 2015

Just three weeks after Illinois’ medical marijuana bill was signed into law, patient advocates and hopeful distributors gathered to discuss the many regulations the legislation still needs before the drug can be made officially available — a process that could delay sales until 2015.

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Aug 21 | Local nurse disciplined for recommending medical marijuana to kids

Should sick kids be given access to medical marijuana? New Jersey is the latest state to say yes. While it's legal here in Washington as well, that doesn't make it any less controversial.

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Aug 15 | Medical cannabis permitted in city

POULSBO — Local residents are now legally allowed to grow medical marijuana in Poulsbo, abiding by the state and local regulations for a collective garden.

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Aug 13 | Medical Marijuana Patient Advocates Launch 'Health Before Happy Hour' Campaign

Seattle, WA--(ENEWSPF)--August 13, 2013. Medical marijuana patients across Washington have begun a campaign called "Health Before Happy Hour" to educate the Washington State Legislature and Governor Jay Inslee that the needs of patients are much different from those of recreational marijuana users, and they will not be easily brushed aside. With the help of national patient advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the medical marijuana community in Washington will be taking their issues to lawmakers over the coming weeks.

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Aug 10 | Do medical-marijuana laws save lives on the road?

As legal marijuana spreads across America, mostly for medical use, anxiety about its side effects is spreading with it: What other changes will it bring? Campaigns against loosening the law tend to focus on its unknown and possibly dangerous repercussions—a surge in pot smoking, perhaps opening the door to increased use of harder drugs and to associated spikes in crime and other societal ills.

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Aug 07 | Steep tax difference between recreational, medical pot a worry

Washington received national attention last fall when voters approved an initiative to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for adults.

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Aug 05 | Town takes on medical marijuana’s ‘gray area’

Anyone wanting to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Eatonville will have to comply with local, state and federal regulations for such businesses, the Town Council has decided.

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Aug 05 | Arizona Medical-Marijuana List of 48 State-Authorized Dispensaries Released by DHS

Dozens of medical-pot dispensaries dot the state from nearly every corner since the first one, Arizona Organix of Glendale, opened in November.

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