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Aug 21 | Bainbridge council puts marijuana on the table at this week's meeting

The Bainbridge Island City Council will get into the nitty gritty of the new Washington marijuana law at this week's council meeting.

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Aug 20 | Colorado Contemplates Rules for Legal Pot

Before legal cannabis sales begin in early 2014, rules and regulations must be established for Colorado’s Amendment 64. In advance of approaching deadlines, the state Department of Revenue released a 100-page document containing rule changes and clarifications for the state’s medical marijuana law, as well as regulations for the legal pot industry.

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Aug 17 | Everett postpones hearing on pot businesses

EVERETT -- The city has postponed an Aug. 28 hearing to draft interim regulations for recreational marijuana businesses.

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Aug 15 | Kirkland Council votes to keep state marijuana business zone laws, no additional regulations

While some cities, such as Kent, have voted to completely ban recreational marijuana businesses that sell, process or produce the drug, the Kirkland City Council voted Aug. 6 to keep with current city zones and comply with the rules under Initiative-502.

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Aug 13 | Board seeks additional time in crafting rules for legal pot

The Washington state Liquor Control Board staff is recommending that rules for a legal recreational-pot system be postponed while it takes additional time to consider public feedback.

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Aug 12 | Bellingham allows recreational marijuana businesses

BELLINGHAM -The City Council voted 6-0 on Monday, Aug. 12, to allow recreational marijuana businesses to operate in industrial districts, with retail stores allowed in industrial and commercial zones. Council member Jack Weiss was absent. The emergency ordinance, which goes into effect immediately, lifts a controversial moratorium on marijuana businesses and gives cannabis entrepreneurs time to prepare applications for state licenses. The state Liquor Control Board is accepting applications for 30 days beginning on Sept. 16.

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Aug 11 | Just How Much Marijuana Will Bureaucrats Allow in a Legal Pot Brownie?

In Seattle recently, I turned on the television and found myself riveted by the proceedings of the Washington State Liquor Control Board. The topic under discussion was regulations for implementing Initiative 502, which legalizes recreational use of marijuana. From as early as December, just four months from now, Washingtonians will no longer have to pretend to have some obscure tropical disease in order to get a bit of weed for ostensibly medical use. No longer will those of us who prefer to be law abiding—and, in any event, wouldn’t have a clue how to go about buying illegal dope—be, for that reason, denied our freedom to smoke. There are just a few small matters that need to be worked out.

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Aug 10 | Pot farms on federal land targeted for new penalties

WASHINGTON — Scientists have likened the illegal marijuana-growing operations in remote areas of the West to leaking chemical-weapons stockpiles, with the heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides posing risks to the environment, including to waterways and wildlife.

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Aug 08 | Pot growing security a consistent topic at meeting

How to best secure marijuana growing operations was one of many diverse issues raised during a nearly three-hour public meeting Wednesday in Ellensburg on Washington’s budding legal state-run marijuana system.

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Aug 08 | How will Washington regulate pot?

ELLENSBURG, Wash -- The state Liquor Control Board held a public forum Wednesday evening on the CWU campus to get your feedback on the latest proposed rules for the new marijuana law.

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