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Feb 20 | Spike In Marijuana Cases At Eastern Washington University

CHENEY, Wash – It's been more than three months since voters in Washington State passed Initiative 502 legalizing marijuana. But even though the drug is technically legal according to the state, it's still illegal under federal law. But because they received federal funding, the rules at colleges and universities are different, and most campuses have a zero-tolerance policy.

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Dec 04 | I-502 No Effect on CWU Marijuana Policy

Although Washington law soon will remove state criminal and civil penalties for some use and possession of marijuana, CWU policy prohibits its use, possession, and distribution. University policy states, "Possession, use, or distribution of any controlled substance as defined by the laws of the United States or the State of Washington except as expressly permitted by law." The federal Controlled Substances Act lists marijuana among Schedule 1 substances, the use and distribution of which are prohibited by federal law.

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Nov 28 | Pot legalization no free ride to smoke on campus

Most universities have codes of conduct banning marijuana use, and they get millions of dollars in funding from the federal government, which still considers pot illegal. With the money comes a requirement for a drug-free campus, and the threat of expulsion for students using pot in the dorms. "Everything we've seen is that nothing changes for us," said Darin Watkins, a spokesman for Washington State University in Pullman.

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Nov 28 | UW students still waiting for the marijuana tooth fairy

Here’s another wrinkle: Even if you’re of age and smoking in private, you still might be up the proverbial creek if you’re on a school campus that receives federal funding. With that funding comes the obligation to comply with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act and the Drug Free Workplace Act.

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Nov 07 | I-502 legalizes marijuana for state, not UW campus

With the passage of Initiative 502 (I-502), adults over the age of 21 will be allowed to possess one ounce of marijuana in Washington state. Students at the UW, however, will see little change on campus. The current UW policy states that any use or possession of illicit drugs on the university campus will result in strict penalties including prison time and the loss of federal benefits such as student loans.

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