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Oct 28 | Dot-Bong Era’s First Marijuana Brand Debuts

America’s newly legalized marijuana industry is attracting corporate cash and entrepreneurs who want to transform the business from plants in plastic bags sold on street corners to branded experiences in well-outfitted stores.

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Oct 27 | Marijuana likely to be decriminalized in D.C.

BEFORE LONG, smoking a joint in the nation’s capital might get you in even less trouble than parking on the wrong side of the street on street-cleaning day.

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Oct 27 | Stick, split or switch: What’s a pot shop to do?

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — When “recreational” marijuana sales officially become legal in Colorado on Jan. 1, 2014, existing medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state will have had three months (since Oct. 1) to make a choice — either stick with the business they’ve been operating, split their business to include recreational/retail sales as well as medical pot, or switch over from the medical side of things and go entirely for recreational/retail sales.

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Oct 27 | Medical pot businesses fear change in Washington state rules

The owners of Pierce County’s medical marijuana dispensaries are not a happy group these days. With state regulators regarding the shops as a threat to the new recreational marijuana industry, and with legislators apparently poised to pounce on them in January, medical marijuana suppliers have the feeling they’re about to be thrown under the bus.

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Oct 25 | Here's Where To Find The Cheapest Weed In The U.S.

Marijuana prohibition costs a lot — not just to taxpayers, who have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the Obama administration's war against medical marijuana and provide billions of dollars each year to cover the enforcement of marijuana possession laws. Consumers must buy weed from drug dealers in most states, paying a hefty risk premium whether they are buying for medical or recreational purposes.

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Oct 25 | With national backing, marijuana advocates file legalization measure

Backed by national donors, an Oregon pro-marijuana group on Friday filed an initiative with the secretary of state aimed at following Washington and Colorado's first-in-the-nation ballot legalization measures.

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Oct 25 | When It Comes to Marijuana Policy, Washington State Needs to Put Health Before Happy Hour

I am on my way to Denver today to accept an award from the Drug Policy Alliance, one of Americans for Safe Access' allies in the fight for patient rights. The event will certainly be a celebration for most. The federal government has finally given the green light to regulated marijuana distribution. Gallup's latest polling shows a rapidly changing public perception on marijuana prohibition, with a solid majority now favoring making it available in a regulated market. These would seem to be good times to be a medical cannabis advocate. But what is unfolding in Washington State is weighing on me.

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Oct 25 | Marijuana dispensary worker arrested after confronting dealer

San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies arrested a marijuana dispensary worker but not a suspected street dealer when the two got into a confrontation about drug sales outside the store.

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Oct 25 | Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Challenges Medical Marijuana Measure

A push to allow the use of marijuana for medical reasons is drawing staunch opposition from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

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Oct 25 | Klickitat County: Pot On Hold

WHITE SALMON — Klickitat County’s moratorium on the siting of commercial marijuana enterprises in unincorporated areas of the county is now in its second week.

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