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Oct 30 | CWU Office of Alumni Relations PresentsThe Impact of I-502

Join CWU, alumni, and friends throughout the year for a series of discussions that fuses a collection of prominent social and artistic voices.

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Oct 30 | Meretz lawmaker seeks to decriminalize private marijuana use in Israel

MK Tamar Zandberg submitted what she called the first-ever bill to decriminalize private marijuana use in Israel on Wednesday.

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Oct 30 | Marijuana group wants government to grow away

Health Canada’s new “Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations” are drawing nigh, but medical marijuana users and growers say they won’t be weeded out so easily.

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Oct 30 | The Pioneers: The Entrepreneurs Risking Everything to Sell You the State's First Legal Pot

hree years ago, local businessman Ian Eisenberg bought a defunct restaurant and a car wash at 23rd Avenue and East Union Street, a key junction in Seattle's Central District. "I kept complaining that somebody needs to do something to clean it up," he recalls. "The car wash had a chain-link fence, and the Philly [cheesesteak] shop was boarded up."

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Oct 30 | Beyond Cheech & Chong

Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, and Schoolteachers Are Happily Consuming Washington's Legal Pot. How Long Will the Stereotype of the Law-Flaunting, Couch-Bound Pothead Prevail?

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Oct 30 | Greenhorns: They Started Smoking Pot Only After It Became Legal

Two polarized camps dominated the pot conversation last year: On one side were stoners doing gravity-bong hits, and on the other side were cops warning that legal pot would lead to toddlers freebasing heroin. But one group was left out of the discussion entirely: people who had never smoked pot—because pot was illegal—but planned to try the stuff when voters legalized it.

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Oct 30 | The Timeline

Many of the pot plants that people will be smoking recreationally—and legally—next year are already planted. The reason why? Once licenses are issued next February, state rules will allow cannabis producers a 15-day "don't ask, don't tell" period where they may obtain seeds, starts, and nonflowering cannabis plants from anywhere, no questions asked. Many of those plants are growing right now, scattered across the state among the thousands of medical cannabis gardens.

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Oct 29 | Medical marijuana patients fighting back for fair laws

SELAH, Wash. --- Medical marijuana patients and supporters gathered Tuesday evening to discuss the newly proposed regulations on medical cannabis from the Liquor Control Board.

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Oct 29 | Denver scales back proposed pot rules, would allow back yard smoking

Denver has scaled back a proposed law against open and public consumption of marijuana after an earlier version would have banned even the smell of pot from people's backyards.

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Oct 29 | Palm Springs to vote on medical marijuana tax

PALM SPRINGS — In addition to a City Council race, voters in Palm Springs will be asked to weigh in on a medical marijuana tax.

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