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Nov 09 | King and Pierce Counties drop pot cases

On Friday, the elected prosecutors of King and Pierce counties, the state's two largest, announced they will dismiss more than 220 pending misdemeanor marijuana possession cases, retroactively applying provisions of Initiative 502 that kick in Dec. 6.

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Nov 09 | Federal policy uncertain after cannabis votes

Senior administration officials acknowledged Friday that they are wrestling with how to respond to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, which directly violates federal drug law and is sparking a broad debate about the direction of U.S. drug policy.

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Nov 08 | 4Evergreen naturopath loses license

A naturopath lost her license to practice medicine for two years for improperly doling out medical-marijuana authorizations at last year's Hempfest in Seattle.

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Nov 07 | I-502 legalizes marijuana for state, not UW campus

With the passage of Initiative 502 (I-502), adults over the age of 21 will be allowed to possess one ounce of marijuana in Washington state. Students at the UW, however, will see little change on campus. The current UW policy states that any use or possession of illicit drugs on the university campus will result in strict penalties including prison time and the loss of federal benefits such as student loans.

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Nov 07 | Liquor control board creates cannabis web site

I-502 establishes precedent for growing, processing, retailing and possessing marijuana. Essentially, a system will be built from the ground up. The initiative provides the WSLCB until December 1, 2013 to craft rules for implementation.

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Sean Cecil, Attorney Canna Law Group