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Nov 17 | Marijuana Legalization: What Can, and What Will, the Feds Do?

What is clear is that marijuana remains illegal under federal law. In theory an army of DEA agents could swoop down on every joint-smoker in Washington or pot-grower in Colorado and haul them off to federal court and thence to federal prison. But that would require either a huge shift in Justice Department resources or a huge increase in federal marijuana enforcement funding, or both, and neither seems likely. More likely is selective, exemplary enforcement aimed at commercial operations, said one former White House anti-drug official.

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Nov 17 | Marijuana Legalization: 3 Legit Angles to Profit From Decriminalized Pot

In essence, by legalizing the sale and use of marijuana, the states of Colorado and Washington have essentially created an entirely new market for goods -- a legal market that will start at zero, and post literally exponential sales growth for years, until it reaches some kind of equilibrium. (Assuming, of course, the FBI and DEA stand aside -- technically, at least, marijuana possession is still a federal crime.)

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Nov 16 | Anti-502 leaders file post-loss complaints

The leaders of the No on 502 campaign filed more complaints with the state Public Disclosure Commission, this time against Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes.

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Nov 16 | Why U.S. Attorneys and FBI Brass Support Washington’s Marijuana Law

Endorsers included two former U.S. attorneys, the former head of the Seattle’s FBI office, Seattle’s City Attorney, and both candidates for Sheriff in King County, which includes Seattle. Opposition from law enforcement officials in the state was muted, reflecting in part that many of them recognize the futility of current marijuana laws. The Children’s Alliance, a statewide advocacy group, also backed 502 because of the impact of marijuana arrests in breaking up families and harming communities of color.

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Nov 15 | Spokane County foregoing pot prosecutions

Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker is joining other prosecutors around the state in deciding not to prosecute any new marijuana possession cases.

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Nov 15 | With pot legal, police worry about road safety

"We've had decades of studies and experience with alcohol," said Washington State Patrol spokesman Dan Coon. "Marijuana is new, so it's going to take some time to figure out how the courts and prosecutors are going to handle it. But the key is impairment: We will arrest drivers who drive impaired, whether it be drugs or alcohol."

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Nov 15 | Lewis County to keep prosecuting marijuana possession

Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer says that as along as pot remains illegal, he will keep prosecuting the crime.

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Nov 13 | Clark County to dismiss pot cases

In response to a new law legalizing marijuana, Clark County prosecutors said Tuesday they will dismiss misdemeanor possession of marijuana cases against approximately 46 defendants.

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Nov 10 | No decision yet on Whatcom cannabis cases

Whatcom County Prosecutor Dave McEachran is not taking a stance, at this point, on how to move forward with active charges of marijuana possession after the passage of Initative 502.

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Nov 09 | Seattle Police guide to legal cannabis use

[M]arijuana possession has been the lowest enforcement priority for the Seattle Police Department since Seattle voters passed Initiative 75 in 2003. Officers don’t like grey areas in the law. I-502 now gives them more clarity.

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