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Dec 02 | Local marijuana event gets snuffed out

“I actually approached (the county health department) originally about a cigar convention,” said Justin Kobluk, executive director at the county event center. “I wanted to take the issue of marijuana out of the equation. If they are all legal, it makes no difference. So we looked at what are the ways to get around the (state law).”

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Dec 02 | From 'no' to 'yes,' how Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana

Holcomb helped recruit Steves to star in a 2008 infomercial designed to get people talking about marijuana law reform. The video was aired on late-night television and at forums held across the state, during which experts in drug policy answered questions from audiences. In November 2009, John McKay, the former Seattle U.S. attorney, agreed to appear on one of those panels. McKay was well respected, from a prominent Republican family and had served as the Justice Department's top prosecutor in western Washington — charged with carrying out U.S. drug laws.

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Dec 01 | Investors see profit potential in new pot law

Two Seattle-based Yale MBAs emerge as the button-down straight men on the business frontier of marijuana, as legalization in Washington and Colorado turbocharged pot into a mainstream business opportunity.

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Dec 01 | Medical marijuana providers unsure of what future holds

Janice Stewart, a hair stylist-turned-medical marijuana delivery woman who runs Green Light Express on the Kitsap Peninsula, said she wouldn't last long under the taxes and restrictions of Initiative 502. "It would put me out of business," said Stewart, who adds her suggested "donation" for her service is about $10 a gram.

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Dec 01 | Washington set to legalize marijuana use without Justice Department guidance

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Nov 30 | Former Microsoft executive plans premium pot business

Shively said that his product won't be cheap. "By creating the category of premium marijuana, we want to position it similar to a fine cognac, a fine brandy, a fine cigar," Shively said. "Something to be savored and enjoyed in small quantities by responsible adults."

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Nov 30 | Legal marijuana may give NFL a headache

The NFL is trying to nip this - pardon the expression - in the bud. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello didn't even let the election-night confetti fall to the floor before he told USA Today, "The NFL's policy is collectively bargained and will continue to apply in the same manner it has for decades. Marijuana remains prohibited under the NFL substance-abuse program. The Colorado and Washington laws will have no impact on the operation of the policy."

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Nov 30 | Liquor Control Board to invent a pot market, from seed to store

At a hearing on Friday before a state Senate committee, Pat Kohler, the LCB director, said the agency would need to hire a consultant — a pot expert — to gather input from key groups of police, farmers, users and others to help her staff better "understand the product and the industry itself."

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Nov 30 | Pot legalization support hits record high, poll shows

Support for marijuana legalization has edged up recently and is now tied with the opposition, according to a CBS poll released Friday — the first time since that survey started keeping track of the issue. Forty-seven percent support legalization, and forty-seven percent oppose it, according to a CBS News poll. Support for legalizing pot crept up slightly from 45 percent in September, the poll found.

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Nov 29 | UPDATE: Farmers market for medical pot canceled

Event organizers at Medi Brothers Collective, a Vancouver-based medical marijuana delivery service, canceled the event Friday after the Red Lion Hotel Vancouver at the Quay pulled the event's contract, said Mike Sutherland, director of Medi Brothers. The Red Lion pulled the contract at the request of the city of Vancouver, Sutherland said.

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