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Oct 19 | Former dispensary sues Vallejo over pot raid

The owners of a former Vallejo medical marijuana dispensary raided by police last year are suing the city for alleged abuse of power, excessive force and retaliation.

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Oct 19 | Cannabis taxes will wind up too low, not too high

Legal cannabis will naturally be much, much cheaper than illegal cannabis. A joint is the same sort of item as a teabag: the dried flowers of a plant in a wrapper. A fancy teabag costs a dime at the supermarket; the marijuana in an average joint costs about $4 (0.4 gram of sinsemilla flowers @ $10/gram) on the current illicit and quasi-medical markets. The combination of not having to worry about law enforcement and the economies of mass production will inevitably drive the joint price down close to the teabag price. (Generic tobacco cigarettes can be manufactured for about two cents each; the remainder of the price is marketing expense, quasi-rent on brand names, and taxes.)

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Oct 19 | What Will Legal Weed Really Cost in Seattle?

Now that marijuana has become legal in Washington and Colorado, reformers are drawing battle lines over its taxation. Anti-tax libertarians and medical marijuana industry opponents of Washington’s I-502 are now raising fears about $17 to $25 gram after-tax prices and the destruction of the medical marijuana industry. Sadly, they are using the same sort of scaremongering tactics opponents of marijuana legalization use to maintain prohibition in other states.

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Oct 19 | Egg Harbor medical marijuana dispensary dedicates building to activist

EGG HARBOR — Days before the second medicinal marijuana shop opens in New Jersey, the dispensary’s owners held a building dedication ceremony yesterday in memory of an ardent patient advocate who helped get the law passed but died before she could become a customer.

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Oct 18 | Ten Things To Know About Making Hash Oil

Everybody loves hash oil these days, but people sometimes blow up their homes making the stuff. Here’s ten things to know about the potentially deadly process of extracting the sticky substance.

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Oct 18 | High Marijuana Taxes Could Derail Legalization Plans

When Congress banned marijuana in 1937, it did so in the guise of taxation, imposing a prohibitive levy on cannabis and created criminal penalties for those who failed to pay it. Marijuana taxes also played a prominent role in what may be the beginning of the end for pot prohibition: the legalization measures that voters in Colorado and Washington approved last fall.

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Oct 18 | Committee drafting medical marijuana rules considers testing, fees and security

The panel charged with crafting rules for the state's medical marijuana retail industry continues to grapple with complex policy questions on security, whether municipalities can opt out of the dispensary law and cannabis testing.

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Oct 18 | Likud MK proposes bill to ease controls on medical marijuana

A bill that would allow any doctor to prescribe medical marijuana to his patients, will be voted on by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday. Only a few doctors nationwide are currently authorized to prescribe cannabis.

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Oct 18 | John Morgan coughs up serious cash for medical marijuana ballot measure

TALLAHASSEE -- Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan said this summer he was prepared to spend "a lot of money" financing a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana use in Florida.

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Oct 17 | UK Government Report To Recommend Legalized Pot

Nearly a year after voters in two American states legalized cannabis, a report commissioned by the British Parliament is expected to recommend the country follow suit, reports the Sunday Times. The paper suggests the report will set off a bitter battle between conservative Home Secretary Theresa May and liberal Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who pushed for the drug policy review.

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