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Times To Smoke Pot

By Ben Livingston

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 issue of Dope Magazine.

Most cannabis consumers know 4:20, the global shared smoking phenomenon. A good time, to be sure, but serious tokers need more symbolic times at which they can thoughtfully imbibe. With this list of potential marijuana moments, we explore and explain toke time numerology.


A worldwide meme ingrained in the minds of most pot people, 4:20 celebrates the hour during which a group of San Rafael teens decided to meet after school to smoke weed 42 years ago.


Halfsies are half-size hits at the midway point to 4:20. It is a time to appreciate the small things: a clean bong, life-giving water, humble one-hitters.


Double down on 4:20 with two bowls at 8:40. Consider the larger things: the universe is big, we make our own reality, war is over if you want it.


Legal puffs taste sweetest at Initiative 502 time. Take solace living in the land of legal pot, and send positive energy to the remaining drug war regions. May they soon sprout.


Prohibition’s over on 12:06, the first date a pot legalization initiative took effect. Know the power of positive celebration by smiling appreciatively at your pot.

On the 20s

Each time zone has its own 4:20, and you can join them. Consider the connected nature of our world. Bonus points for naming a city in that time zone.

Mixed-up bowls

People with dyslexia love 2:40, 4:02 and 2:04. It's time to load the bong with a mix of strains, to confuse oneself even more. Find happiness in confusion at these times.

Mix-ups plus one

Mix a bowl and add one—a sprinkle of hash, kief or oil perhaps—at 10:24, 10:42, 12:04, or 12:40. Practice transcending the confusion and fully embrace forgetting.

Live for today

Every day of the year has a unique toke time, from 1:01 on January 1 to 12:31 on December 31. Remind yourself that no day exists but today, and no time exists but now.

Birthday hits

If your birthday is June 18—like Jack Herer—your time is 6:18. Similarly, you can send more powerful prayers to distant loved ones simply by imbibing on their birthday hour. It's a mental ping through the indica ether.

Military time

Most peoples' 2:20 p.m. is 14:20 in so-called military time. It's a good time to honor service members past and present.

180-degree rotations

Turn the wall clock upside down and 10:50 becomes 4:20. Ponder duality, the concept that opposites comprise everything. Work on letting go of attachment to one's certainty: the opposite may be an equal truth.

Powers of three

Pythagoras thought three was the perfect number. We think in ternary, not binary. Duality is achieved through two, while relativity is achieved through three. Most of the above times create a “numerological” sum of 3, 6 or 9—like 4 + 2 + 0 = 6.

Sean Cecil, Attorney Canna Law Group