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  • Pools and video arcades added to map

Pools and video arcades added to map

Nov 12, 2012 — Federally-defined school zones (21 USC 860) include a 100-foot buffer around youth centers, public pools, and video arcades. I've updated the zoning map with public pools and video arcades. Youth centers will be added at a later date.

Video arcades is pretty good data, and the list is rather short. Seattle arcades include Add-A-Ball, four Full Tilt locations, Gameworks, Seattle Pinball Museum, and Seattle Waterfront Arcade. King County arcades include Power Play in Bellevue, The Airlock in Kirkland, and Tilt in Federal Way.

Public pools is much trickier. Our data includes only publicly-owned pools, as well as YMCA pools. More "public pools" will be added in the future — what constitutes a public pool is an interesting question.

In reality, the 100' layer covers very little land that is not already covered by schools and parks. However, it is certainly nice to know this truth, to see for oneself. The layer is colored dark blue currently.

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Cannabis zoning maps

OCTOBER NEWSFLASH: Map Legal Cannabis is the new, paid version of our zoning maps. It includes I-502 buffers for King County, local zoning for King County, Snohomish County, Seattle, Bellingham and Bainbridge Island, with more data added every week.

Everett Medical Cannabis Zoning

Jan. 4, 2013: Everett medical cannabis zoning map released.

Seattle Proposed Cannabis Zoning

Dec. 19, 2012: Seattle proposed cannabis zoning map released.

I-502 Prohibited Licensing Zones

Dec. 13, 2012: I-502 prohibited licensing zone map for King County released. The map currently includes 5 of 8 layers listed in Initiative 502 Section 6(8).

Federal school zones in King County

Nov. 8, 2012: Federal school zone map for King County publicly released. The map currently contains 5 of 6 layers.

Working media may email us or call Ben Livingston at 206-335-9214. As of December 19, 2012 our work has been covered by KIRO 7 News, the Seattle Weekly, and mentioned briefly in the New York Times. Few media outlets have covered our work or shown these very compelling maps.

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