Center for Legal Cannabis


Nov 7, 2012 | Center for Legal Cannabis is a public policy think tank and project incubator advocating legal cannabis and less crime. We support emerging cannabis industries with research, business consulting, advocacy support, technology development, and spirit. We fertilize and strengthen the ground underneath advocates and entrepreneurs.

I am Ben Livingston, a longtime pot activist in Washington State, and this is my new project. This is a critical juncture, and now more than ever our community needs thoughtful analysis, business intelligence and leadership building. The Center for Legal Cannabis will play a small part in this by creating products and compelling research to inform and empower advocates, government, business and the general public.

I invite you to stay informed of our work with our weekly email update. It will include a summary of any updates to our maps, new projects and products, relevant Washington news, maybe some business advice, maybe some policy advice, and general insight into Washington's brave new world of legal cannabis.


Ben Livingston can be reached at or 206-335-9214.

Sean Cecil, Attorney Canna Law Group